Holland Lops
We are currently working on beautiful Blue-Eyed Whites.  Since we aren't able to travel to shows
much right now, we decided to concentrate on a color project.  Pictured below are some of our
beautiful BEW & BEW gene carriers.
Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10
RoseLine's Hermes
Tort - Vienna Marked
Hermes is the foundation of our BEW
program.  Sadly, we lost this fine buck in fall
2012.  He will always be remembered fondly.
Please inquire to be placed on our waiting list if you are interested in our Blue-Eyed Whites
They go fast when we have them available.  
We are one of few breeders in the U.S. working with this color in
Quality Pedigreed Holland Lops
                              Breeding Blue-Eyed White Holland Lops
The Blue-Eyed White or "Vienna" gene is recessive (vv).  A "normal colored" bunny is dominate (VV).  Therefore,
there are several ways to produce a BEW.  If you bred BEW x BEW, you will get a litter of all BEW (unless
there is a pesky REW gene in there, which could make a REW masking BEW).  If you breed two Vienna Gene
carriers together, you can get Blue-eyed Whites, Blue-eyed White carriers and non-carriers in the litter - just
depends on how the genes fall.  If you breed a Vienna Gene carrier x a normal color, you will get a litter of
bunnies which all carry the Blue-eyed White gene.  Even if they don't show any mismarks (white spots or
marbling of the eyes) they definately carry the BEW gene.  This should be noted on the pedigree of any possible
carrier.  Please keep good records and make known on pedigrees any possible BEW carriers.  Most folks who
aren't working with the color don't like surprises popping up!  Breeding BEWs is definately a challenge.  The
color hasn't been worked with as much and it requires patience (and a judge without prejudice!) to have a BEW
who can compete against the torts.  
RoseLine's Klove - Tort Vienna Carrier
Klove is mom to Luna & Lobo.  Love the crown
on this little doe!
Wren's Jumper
Blue-Eyed White Sr Buck
We are so pleased to add Jumper to our herd, all the
way from Colorado.  Sire of Luna & Lobo.
RoseLine's Bash - Tort Vienna Marked
Dash is a very pretty boy who developing an
awesome head.
RoseLine's Lobo
Blue Eyed White Jr Buck
Lobo is developing nicely & will be shown this winter.  
RoseLine's Lobo
Blue Eyed White Jr Doe
Luna is a beautiful little doe!  We are very excited
about her.