Agouti & Tri-Color Holland Lops
RoseLine's Picalina - Bkn Orange
Our foundation orange doe, Picalina is now living a wonderful life in
Finland with her new owners!  She will help to start an awesome orange
line there.  She left us with many fine offspring and she will always have
a special place in our hearts.
RoseLine's Constantine - Orange
RoseLine's Dr Suess x RoseLine's Picalina
Constantine has the most awesome orange color!  He is so
clean and bright, it's hard to truly capture in a picture.  We
are very excited about his impact on our orange program.
Broo's Jasper - Broken Cream (dilute orange)
Broo's Partner x Broo's Blackjack
We are so pleased with this new little guy!  He's just adorable
and is a very welcome addition to our herd.  
RoseLine's Spice - Japanese Harlequin
RoseLine's Mushu x RoseLine's Sugar
Spice is a beautiful harle girl!  Such nice type for an unusual
color.  We are hoping for some awesome tris out of her.  
Currently bred to Tiger
Rogers' Tiger - Broken Orange
SRR Perry x Rogers' Trinity
Tiger has a beautiful head and awesome topline, short cobby
body.  He is tight in the crown, but hopefully should make some
awesome babies.  
RoseLine's Romeo - Broken Orange
RoseLine's Constantine x RoseLine's Tinkerbelle
Romeo has the most deep, dark orange color I've seen.  This
breeding must have combined all the right modifiers!  He almost
looks red, though it's hard to see in a picture.  And what a pretty
boy.  We have high hopes for Romeo.
RoseLine's Juliet - Orange
RoseLine's Constantine x RoseLine's Sheba
Juliet is a pretty little girl and (you guess it!) will likely be bred to
Romeo when she gets older.  She still very young, but shows
promise.  Really like her born for her size & her pretty curvature.
Please inquire to be placed on our waiting list if you are interested in our oranges - they
go fast when we have them available.

Breeding Oranges
Oranges can be bred to clean torts, frosty, cream and orange to produce those colors.  When bred to black or
blue, you will likely get chestnut and opal.  They are great to use in a tri-color program to achieve proper
coloring on your tris.  They can also be used with chestnuts and opals to get more of the same.
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RoseLine's Sheba - Broken Chestnut
RoseLine's Dr Suess x RoseLine's Picalina
Sheba has developed into a beautiful little doe!  Consistently
placing in the top five in large classes, she is now joining the
breeding program, with babies expected out of Constantine.