Bonding Bunnies
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Aren't they adorable!
Patches & Lilly
Neutered male/unspayed female bonded pair
(living with Christie, Jared & Mark in VA - thanks for the pics!)
Lots of folks are concerned about the idea of a bunny living a solitary life.  They fear the bunny will be become
lonely and bored, just doesn't seem "right" in our couple-oriented society.  While research indicates that indeed
rabbits usually live a solitary life, it is entirely possible to bond a pair.  The best way we've found is a neutered
buck paired with a spayed or unspayed doe.

Typically vets won't do a neuter until the buck is 5-6 months old.  Therefore the pair must be separated when
the buck is 4 months old and kept apart until he is fixed to avoid the possibility of an unwanted litter.

Some comments from Christie in VA regarding her bonded pair:

"All I can say is that they have loved each other from the minute we put them back together.  I don't know if
they remembered each other from when they were at your place or if it would have gone well regardless.  It was
about 3 months that they lived separately here before I could put them together after Patches' surgery.  I
think if you have young children who you are thinking about getting a bunny for, get two, that way if the children
are not as attentive to the bunny in the long run, they always have a bunny friend to keep them company.  I have
never regretted getting two!"

Listed below is information on vets in the regional area who are experienced and reasonably priced for bunny
spay/neuters.  They will require a pre-op visit to check the health of the rabbit before surgery.
This is Noah and Margie.  Margie was an older "retired" brood doe when she came to live with Noah.  She was
spayed and they bonded immediately.  Just look at them!  How cute!  Thanks so much for the pictures, Trisha
Regional Vets Highly Recommdended by our Pet Folks
Jolly Pond Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Bonnie Brown
Williamsburg, VA
Avian & Exotic Vet Services
Dr. Vanessa Rolfe
2205 West Main Street
Salem, VA
Dixie Trail Animal Clinic
3044 Medlin Drive
Raleigh, NC
Oxbow Hay products available
Stahl Exotic Animal Vet Services
Dr. Scott Stahl
111-A Center Street South
Vienna, VA
Oxbow Hay products available
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